Printed aluminium

This unique technique prints ink into the pores of the anodized aluminum and not on top of the material as is standard for digital printing. This is also called Aluminum Sub-Surface Printing.

Process: Printed Aluminium

When anodising aluminium, a protective layer grows on top of the material. We can print beautiful designs in this layer. You can compare this with skin-tattoos. Just like your skin the aluminium has open pores. After the printing process the anodised layer gets sealed, locking the ink inside.

This printing technique is highly suited for identification plates and labels with unique numbering or texts, as it is done digitally.

For creating printed aluminium products we use our own high quality plate material in almg3 quality. It is also possible to send your own fabricated aluminium products, we can deal with the anodising and printing.

Our full colour printed aluminium can be milled out in any desired geometry with high precision.



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