Printed aluminium

This unique technique prints ink into the pores of the anodized aluminum and not on top of the material as is standard for digital printing. This is also called Aluminum Sub-Surface Printing.

The Process

When aluminum is anodized, an oxide layer is formed on top of the material. This layer is wear-resistant and protects the aluminum from oxidation. Prior to sealing off this “skin”, it is still possible to add beautifully printed images; adding the top layer sort of like a tattoo. After the printing process the pores of the material are sealed and the ink is locked in place!

This printing technique is highly suited for identification plates and labels with unique numbering or texts, as it is done digitally.

Standardly, our own high-quality plate material is used for production, but it is possible to provide your own aluminum products, as long as they are unsealed, so they can be printed upon and sealed afterwards.

Our company is equipped with extremely accurate milling machines which allow us to mill out any desired shape from the printed aluminum.



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