Make Self-adhesive

Make Self-adhesive

Do you want to provide a product with an adhesive layer? So that it is easy to attach? We can arrange that for you.

Almost all flat products can be made self-adhesive by adding self-adhesive tape. We cut the tape by laser so any shape is possible. Ideal for products like numbered labels, icon plates or door signs.

3M467 tape

Very strong industrial glue layer, without a carrier, with excellent resistance against high temperatures, moisture and solvents.
Commonly used tape in the name plate industry.

3M468 tape

Identical in properties to 3M467, with the exception of the glue layer thickness. This makes this type of material suited for slightly uneven or slightly porous surfaces.

Foam tape strips

Foam tape consists of a thick flexible foam carrier with a strong glue layer on both sides. This makes foam tape highly suited for applications on rough surfaces. Used commonly behind wall and door signs, like icon plates, room signs and prevention signs.

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